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Tarmacadam Wexford

Davitt Driveways are leading craftsman of Tarmacadam Wexford, asphalt, tar and bituminous road binders, covering all segments of the market in Leinster.

Full range of blacktop products, including hot rolled asphalt, base course macadam, bitumen macadam road base, and wearing course tarmacadam are available.

Tarmacadam Wexford, Tarmac Contractors

All Small driveways are done by hand to prevent lines which can occur by using a tar machine.

When doing a driveway, tarmacadam asphalt is laid at a depth of 60mm condense to 50mm.

Any larger projects can be taken on using a tar machine which can be supplied by Davitt Driveways.

Product we use:

  • Casy’s Tarmacadam and
  • Asphalt Roadstone Tarmacadam and
  • Asphalt Dan Morrissey
  • Tarmacadam and Asphalt

Tarmacadam Wexford, Tarmac Contractors

Tarmacadam Wexford, Tarmac Contractors

Tarmacadam Wexford, Tarmac Contractors

Asphalt and concrete are the most popular types of material for paving driveways. Asphalt driveways and concrete driveways both have their unique advantages.

If you live in a cold climate and are considering a concrete driveway you need to make sure the base for the driveway is heavily laid with gravel and it is compacted first. Otherwise the driveway will run the risk of cracking due to frost heaves.

In addition, concrete is susceptible to salt damage, a material frequently used on roads in cold weather parts of the country. On the other hand, if you live in a warm or hot climate and are considering asphalt paving, then you need to consider the fact that asphalt can become soft in the hot sun and is therefore susceptible to ruts. Asphalt paved driveways are typically cheaper to install than concrete paved driveways.

Tarmac Contractors

However, asphalt paved driveways need significant more care over time to protect them. Asphalt paved driveways need to be sealed at least once every 3-5 years. Each sealing, though easily completed by a do it yourself homeowner, costs money and time.

In addition, the sealer needs typically 2-3 days to dry before you can park a vehicle on it. Also, a newly asphalt paved driveway should not be sealed for at least 6-9 months, as the light oils associated with the asphalt need to evaporate first. If an asphalt driveway is sealed too soon it will remain soft forever. Asphalt driveways do not need to be always black and concrete driveways do not always need to be off-white. Both asphalt and concrete driveways can be tinted to various colors.

If you need tarmacadam driveways, surface chips, call our tarmacadam paddy. He provides tar chipping or stones. One of the best contractors wexford has. Any types of surface chip or surfaces tar. 

Check with your prospective paving contractors first to see what color options there are for your driveway project. Asphalt driveways, if maintained can typically last 25-30 years. Concrete driveways can last even longer. However, both require a solid foundation to be laid on. If not laid on a solid foundation both will crack over time, especially in colder weather climates. Asphalt cracks are easier to repair than concrete driveway cracks.

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