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Patios Waterford Paving Waterford Driveways Waterford Tarmac Waterford: Davitt Driveways is a well known and trusted tarmacadam, asphalt and paving company based in Lismore, Waterford. Operating since 1998, we can safely say that we have a generation of service behind us.  Why have we lasted so long? Firstly,the reason that we have been in business for so long, is that we are very good at what we do. And secondly, over the years we have gained an excellent reputation for our good quality work and reasonable prices. As a result, we get inquiries from as far afield as Kilkenny, Dublin, Waterford, Dungarvan, Carlow and Kildare.

Driveways Waterford

Paving WaterfordOur Services include :

  • Tarmacadam driveways, yards and entrances.
  • Asphalt driveways, yards and entrances.
  • Laying of paving slabs around the house and the garden.
  • Public and private car parks.

Patios Waterford

Paving Waterford

Driveways Waterford

Tarmac Waterford

We pride ourselves on our professional, prompt and friendly service. You can see previous projects can be seen in our gallery. If you don’t see something similar to what you wish don’t be put off from giving us a call. At Davitt Driveways Waterford we never hesitate to take on new creative design projects.

Driveways Waterford

We have a very large selection of bricks and kerbing available for driveways or patios to suit your taste. Pathways, brick designing, kerbing and steps can also be incorporated into any project at your convenience.

The ideal contractor for concrete surface, tar, tar chipping or chippings. We are the contractors Waterford with the most years designing tarmacadam, patio & tarmac. Waterfords hardest working paving contractors working with stones and gravel, building the best driveways. If you want the best driveway contractors for a paved Waterford driveway, contact us or view our gallery.

Naturally enough, the majority of our projects involve work on driveways, entrances and patios. Because of this we feel it should be noted that in the past we have also completed projects on a much larger scale.

The larger projects we have undertaken include such as:

  • Laying of private and public car parks.
  • Construction of roadways.
  • Road Stone Ltd..
  • ALDI Super markets.
  • Ferrycarrig Hotel.
  • Road Stone Contracts, etc.

Davitt Driveways Waterford always deliver a high level of service to our customers. You are able be see this from our numerous testimonials, and our 5 star reviews on Yelp and Facebook.

Whether it is tarmacadam driveways, an asphalt entrance or a paved patio we are the company to call.

Paving Contractors In Waterford

Patios Waterford Paving Waterford Driveways Waterford Tarmac WaterfordWe use high quality paving slabs in our work and can provide driveway sealing services for your  driveway. Our block paving prices are second to none as are the driveway sealer services.
We can provide highest quality paving bricks for your Waterford paving contract and have much expertise in sealing driveways. 

High quality driveway paving in Waterford

No matter what driveway surfaces, whether it’s a cement driveway, concrete drives or bitumen driveways
we are the driveway construction company for you. Our concrete driveway contractors have much expertise in providing high quality driveway coating whether you are looking for a new driveway, some blacktop sealing services or you are sealing a driveway

Our asphalt paving cost is very competitive and we provide a 100% quality and price guarantee. We can provide driveway paving stones and you will find that our driveway prices are second to none. 

Driveway Replacement Or New Driveway

If you are looking for a complete driveway replacement or just want to scope out a new driveway cost for a stone driveway or a cement driveway cost, we have expertise in paving a driveway  and can give you a free and accurate quotation. 

We are one of the most well-known and trusted driveway sealing companies in Waterford and we can provide brick driveway, driveway stone or block paving driveway, Patios Waterford Paving Waterford Driveways Waterford Tarmac Waterford. 

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