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Davitt Driveways Dublin is a well known and trusted tarmacadam, asphalt and paving company. We’re based in Co. Dublin. Operating since 1998, we can safely say that we have a generation of service behind us.  Why have we lasted so long? Firstly, the reason that we have been in business for so long, is that we are very good at what we do. Over the years we have gained a reputation for our good quality work and reasonable prices. As a result, we get inquiries from as far afield as Kilkenny, Dublin, Waterford, Dublin, Carlow and Kildare.

Some Of Our Main Services Include:

Patios Dublin

Paving Dublin

Driveways Dublin

Tarmac Dublin

Paving Dublin:

  • Tarmacadam driveways, yards and entrances.
  • Asphalt driveways, yards and entrances.
  • Laying of paving slabs around the house and the garden.
  • Public and private car parks.
  • Paving Dublin – Paving Contractors Dublin

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Friendly Service

We pride ourselves on our prompt and friendly service. You can see previous projects in our gallery. If you don’t see something similar to what you like, you can still call us. At Davitt Driveways Dublin we always take on new creative design projects.

The ideal contractor for concrete surface, tar, tar chipping or chippings. We are the contractors Dublin with the most years designing tarmacadam, patio & tarmac. Dublins hardest working paving contractors working with stones and gravel, building the best driveways. If you want the best driveway contractors for a paved Dublin driveway, contact us or view our gallery.

We have a very large selection of bricks and kerbing available for driveways or patios. You can have  pathways, brick designing, kerbing and steps in any project.

Dublin Paving

Naturally enough, the majority of our projects involve work on driveways, entrances and patios. Because of this we feel it should be noted that in the past we have also completed projects on a much larger scale. We are dublin contractors working with driveways patios dublin, paving dublin. Our paving contractors also provide gravel and gravel driveways. 

Tarmacadam Dublin, Driveways Dublin, Paving Dublin

The larger projects we have undertaken include such as:

  • Laying of private and public car parks.
  • Construction of roadways.
  • Working on various jobs on behalf of County Council.
  • Road Stone Ltd.
  • ALDI Super markets.
  • Ferrycarrig Hotel.
  • Road Stone Contracts, etc.

Tarmac Dublin

We are well known as the best providers of tarmac in Dublin. Contact us today for a free estimate on your “Tarmac Dublin” project. 

Davitt Driveways Dublin deliver a high level of service to our customers, across Paving Dublin, Tarmac Dublin, Driveways Dublin, Patios Dublin. You are able be see this from our numerous reviews, and our 5 star reviews on Yelp and Facebook.

Landscapes Dublin

We also have expertise in landscapes, patio gardens,gardening,patio landscapes. So if you have a Dublin garden that needs a stones, walling or landscape expert, call Anthony.

Patios Dublin

Contact us today for your patio needs. We have many years experience providing top quality patios in the Dublin area and beyond. For a free estimate and 100% price and quality guarantee on your “Patio in Dublin” project, call Anthony now.

Driveways Dublin

Driveways DublinDriveways Dublin

Finally, we would like to say, whether it is tarmacadam driveways, an asphalt entrance or a paved patio we are the company to call. Read more about our driveways dublin services here.

How To Find The Right Tarmac Contractor in Dublin

Larger paving projects are primarily done by an experienced tarmac contractor in Dublin. To find the right contractor you need to look for one that has the skill sets needed. One who can launch the project and see it to completion. This involves more than their own personal skills, but that of a crew of guys committed to seeing the job through. Below are a few of the areas to consider before hiring a contractor for your next tarmac project.


Development of commercial projects such as car parks and access roads should involve a civil engineer. You need to think about geology, drainage and other factors. A quality tarmac contractor in Dublin will work closely with a civil engineer . They can create plans that offer a firm foundation for the safety and longevity of the surface.

Pre-Planning and Project Strategy

There is hardly an area that you will not find tarmac in Dublin. It is used for driveways, car parks, playgrounds, shopping centers, hospitals, and seemingly endless roadways. Every one of these projects has been successful due to proper pre-planning. Developing a strategy results in a well-structured surface. Contractors offering tarmac services in Dublin understand the value of bringing together pro minds. Opinions lay the foundation for perfect results. You need an expert that can call on the experience of a team. One that has the proven ability to bring plans to fruition.


You may have heard it said “no job is too big, or small,”. But does the contractor have the ability to scale up to a large project? This is important if you are planning on laying a private roadway or other large-scale tarmac surface project. Conversely, will they be able to scale back enough to complete a home driveway? Flexible and scalable are desirable traits for a tarmac contractor in Dublin. There should be reasonable evidence that large jobs can be completed in an acceptable timeline. There should also be no fear that heavy equipment will block up the neighborhood to tarmac a driveway.

Dedicated Equipment and Manpower

Planning for a large tarmac project might go smooth. However, what happens if the work begins and suddenly there seem to be periods of inaction at the site? A project slated to take months will not get done if manpower is moved off to work on other projects. You need to discuss how much equipment and manpower will be dedicated to your project . There needs to be enough commitment to keep the project moving forward at a steady pace.

Track Record for Project Completion

There are times when deadlines get missed and a project does not get completed on time. Find out if there is a history of being off for long periods and the reasons why. Not every adverse event is preventable. Bad weather can all change the outcome. But avoid using the services of a contractor that continual equipment problems. Or one who lacks manpower, or is struggling to meet deadlines with too many projects. If they are too busy to take on your project, it should be stated from the start.

Insured and Excellent Safety Record

Safety needs to be a priority when operating this equipment in the public arena. There may be pedestrians that are at-risk for injury if this equipment is not operated safely. Make sure that the contractor finds safety to be as much a priority as you. Are all operators properly trained and licensed? Have there been any serious incidences of safety breaches? This should weigh heavily into your final decision.

Ability to Spot Potential Problem Areas

An experienced tarmac contractor will be able to spot areas that might be a problem. Areas that might be weak and cause future foundation problems. Drainage issues can cause flooding and erosion, or other more specific problems tied to the unique project. There could be a problem accessing areas with equipment that needs to have strategies developed for a solution. The best contractors are ones that can see a few steps ahead and find a resolution. Excellent project management skills are a definite plus.

Is the contractor results driven?

Beginning the pre-planning process for your tarmac project should begin weeks ahead of the desired start date. Contact an expert tarmac contractor and get started right away!

You need a contractor for driveway patios, paving patio, paving driveway who completes each project. Whether you want tarmac or driveways paving service, we are the hardest working experts. You need dublin driveways experts specialising in paved driveways. We are know as dublins paving tarmac experts.